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Paracord survival Bracelet Australia

The world is growing very vastly day by day with advance technology along with lifestyle and fashion. Today’s generation change or upgrade their fashion with their needs. Let me tells about our company and our brand. We milspec550 started in 2015 with leadership of mark. He is having experience in military and he serve for the nation about 35 years in Australia.

We made bracelets with number designs with more than 120 colors all bracelets are with handmade. We made bracelets with very care and love, we making use USA military type, we shipping across country.

Australian made paracord bracelets

There are many colors and types in our bracelets. That is given below.

Ø  Cobra bracelets (1-4) colors and types.

Ø  Cobra wide weaves (1-4) colors and types.

Ø  Snake belly

Ø  Solo man’s daughter colors

Ø  Solo man’s v bar bracelets

Ø  Starter kit color

Ø  Starter kit cam

Ø  Minions character

Ø  Transformer character and iron man.

Ø  Ranger kit


These are all some works are explained above. If want more info pleases visit our website.


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